I’m not an angel

I just do his job

Angels can be associated with perfection and ideality. However, an Angel is, above all, someone who takes up a specific task, bravely faces difficulties and gives a sense of security.

And, although we ourselves know that we will never be perfect, we are sure that the world needs those, who will undertake the angelic work.

That’s why we’re glad you are here.

It's good to have you here

The following propositions refer to the works of our center in Warsaw.

angel - the teacher

  • 9every week - 1.5 hours of classes
  • 9up to ten people groups
  • 9useful knowledge of languages: PL, ROS, ARAB
  • 9you have no experience? We will train you!
  • 9contact: [email protected]

angel - the assistant

  • 9help in grasping the Polish reality
  • 9e.g. finding a kindergarten, PIT settlement, official matters, etc.
  • 9participation in our integration events
  • 9contact: [email protected]

angel - guardian

  • 9child / teen care
  • 9organization of free time
  • 9help at school
  • 9co-organization of day camps
  • 9contact: [email protected]