Sylwia Jankowska

manager Warsaw branch
Sport is my passion! From fast cycling to all kinds of water sports (one of them is stand up paddle; just google it, to see what it is 😉) Besides, I love singing and traveling. From my many journeys, I most often remember Iceland, where I learned how amazing music can be.

s. agata mazepa msj

refugee assistance & café
My life is traveling. As a child, I used to climb trees to make a nest somewhere between cherries and admire nature. It's hard to count the places I've visited or lived. But I must honestly admit that it was the Balkans that stole my heart. There I saw what a hot human heart is. This amazing atmosphere of openness and friendship! I am trying to transfer it to our Center now

s. Urszula Krajewska RSCJ

Legal assistance & advocacy
I entered the convent with several years of legal studies behind me, but also a promising job as a lawyer at TVP. Not many people know about it, but I love soccer. It's not even just about cheering. When I was still working on television, I took an active part in creating a female amateur football team. What was my position? It's obvious! As a lawyer, I was the best in defense.

Agnieszka Sucharska

media communication

Natalia Haidysh

office manager (humanitarian aid, educational projects, language courses)
I love being useful and being a part of the common good. That’s why I have volunteered at so many events that I cannot even remember all of them! Over the course of volunteerism, I collected a great number of stories to tell, so let’s meet at our office for a friendly talk and a cup of tea. Considering the fact that I speak Ukrainian, English, and Polish, we will definitely find a common language. But in case you don’t feel like talking, we can always sing together - I can’t imagine my life without singing and people I can serve.

Nataliia Zinchenko

social integration, psycho-social support
Not long ago, while on maternity leave, I prayed for work that would benefit people. As for me, the day was not spent in vain if I was able to help someone. At that moment, I did not even imagine what kind of work it would be, but I knew that the Lord always answers, I only need to listen to Him and keep my heart open. When I received this job, I knew it was the answer. And now, when a person says that our office feels like home, it is the highest reward.

Olesia Davydiuk

medical support, psycho-social support
"Hurry to admire a person, or you will miss joy." And I am happy that every day I have such an opportunity - to admire people and be useful to them. This is possible because the people around me are incredible, and because I have such a need - to be useful to people and the world.

Fr. Grzegorz Dobroczyński SJ

office manager
PhD in Fundamental Theology (University of Innsbruck, Austria). He is involved in the Zambia Project at JRS Poland. From September 2020, in the Jesuit community in Poznań, he conducts spiritual counseling at the VINEA Clinic. He collaborates with the public radio and publishes theological texts. He likes tourism, photographs and cooks, passionate about culinary challenges. In Poznań, he coordinates the activities of the JRS for psychological support of war refugees from Ukraine and pastoral cooperation in the facility and the Jesuit church with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (CPU).

Agnieszka Krefta

office manager